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Therms and Conditions


We accept as accepted that you will treat the material as if it were yours, paying attention to its use
Check the material before leaving the store and all the accessories
You will be responsible for any damage
Assume you read our rental conditions and courses carefully
We assume you have checked our repair policy, and their prices


For more information contact – 0034667590229

Material rental

1. The customer is responsible for the rented equipment, must respect the use of the material and the rules listed by the staff and the use of the beaches.
2. For the rental of some equipment it will be necessary to leave a deposit to rent the equipment. The customer will fill out a registration form with a valid document and payment of the deposit.
3. There are no refunds of money in case of non-use of the material due to meteorological causes (wind or waves)
4. In case of serious breakage of the material (for an agreement of over € 80), loss or theft of the material, the customer will have to pay the value of the rented object (the PVP price – 30%)
5. In case of slight leaks, breakages or dents of the equipment, (less than 80 €) the repair price will be requested as indicated in the table.
6. The customer has the possibility to change the material during the week. If there are no conditions, you can change it for surfboard, sup or skate material at no additional cost.
7. The rent includes explanation, description of the spots suited to your livel and correct behavior to have fun in safety.
8. Weather conditions and difficulties will be updated and customers informed at the time of the rent. For greater security, it is up to the customer to inquire day by day, Canary Surf Academy is available for any meteorological information and daily spots.
9. Customers claim to be in good physical shape and know how to swim. The client confirms that, from a medical point of view, there is nothing to stop him from exercising the chosen sport.
10. The customer completes and signs a registration sheet with the details of the manager, the type of material used / rented, the document number, the signature.
11. With the SUP it is not possible to leave the bay, the possibility to use it on other beaches or to leave the safety area will be possible only if the school allows it and the level.
12. In the case of minors, the responsibility rests with parents or legal guardians.
13. In any case, the school has the final rental decision.
14. Canary Surf Academy is committed to respecting the privacy law. The registration and the declared data will be used exclusively by the school publicity. The customer assumes all responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of the data provided

Courses / Camp

15. Payment Reservations / Cancellations / Returns
Canary Surf Academy undertakes to provide users with all the services to which the conditions and characteristics set refer.
16. ONLINE / MAIL / COLLABORATORS booking conditions (before arrival)
A reservation is confirmed from the moment in which the payment of the reservation corresponding to the activity or deposit of the chosen course/camp was made.
17. Payment by credit / debit / paypal card
Contact the school and we will provide you with information for different payment methods.
18. Payment by bank transfer
Once the booking has been made on our website or by e-mail, a transfer must be made within the next 24 working hours for the amount indicated. In the concept of transfer you must include the concept that we will provide you at the end of the booking. It is necessary that you send us a proof of transfer to the following email address, to speed up the reserve procedures. The Canary Surf Academy will send you a confirmation email with indicated time, pick-up location and what you need for the activity.
19. Payment of the amount due once arrived in Fuerteventura
The user will have to make the payment balance at the school on the first day of his arrival. We accept cash, credit / debit cards, paypal, bank transfer. At this time it is still possible to change the course and / or camp with another option. The paid deposit is used as part of the payment for the new course.
20. Payment and reservation in the store
The customer who wishes to book one of the activities directly in the shop must pay at least one deposit for the reservation (20 € person)
21. Cancellation conditions ONLINE / MAIL reservations / COLLABORATORS (before arrival)
22. Cancellation of the reservation more than 30 (thirty) days in advance
Full reimbursement minus a supplement of Euro 20 as management fees.
23. Cancellation of the reservation between 30 and 7 days in advance
The deposit paid will remain available to the customer for future bookings within a year or may be transferred to a third person. If the customer wishes a refund, he will be reimbursed for a value of 50% of the reservation.
24. Cancellation with less than 7 days up to 24 working hours before
The customer will be entitled to a refund of 20% of the reservation.
25. Cancellation with less than 24 hours before
The customer will not be entitled to any refund.
26. Cancellation of Canary Surf Academy activities due to lack of conditions
If the contracted activities are canceled due to extreme weather conditions or due to lack of suitable conditions for the practice of such activities, Canary Surf Academy will propose the following alternatives to the customer
26.1 Course cancellation more than 1 hour before the course:
26.1.1 The course is postponed to the following day.
26.1.2 The course is converted into another available course.
26.1.3 The total or suspended amount is converted into a voucher for the shop, school activity or rental valid for 1 year.
26.1.4 The total or suspended amount is refunded.
26.2 Cancellation of the route after departure
26.2.1 The course is postponed to the next day.
26.2.2 The course is converted into another available course.
26.2.3 The total or suspended amount is converted into a voucher for the shop, school or rental valid for 1 year.
26.2.4 The amount is reimbursed less a € 10 for management fees.
27. Cancellation of the activity by the CUSTOMER IN SITU.
Cancellations of activities already confirmed in the store or with one of our collaborators will follow these return conditions:
If the customer cancels less than 8 hours before the course, the day is lost.
It changed at the next available date, a 1 year bonus or if the customer so wishes the refund of the refund will be total net less a supplement of Euro 20 as management fees.
28.1 The customer completes a sheet with personaly information, phone number, mail and the type of course.
28.2 Is considered a minimum group class of 2 participants up to 8. It is considered a private lesson with 1 participant, 2 participants, or based on what the client requires with a maximum of 8 participants for each instructor
28.3 Customers declare to be in good physical shape and know how to swim. The client confirms that, from a medical point of view, there is nothing that prevents him from exercising the chosen activity. (Valided for course and rental)
28.4 Customers must not be under the influence of drugs, alcohol or drugs during the lesson period, which may affect psychophysical performance, safety and that of the group (Valided for course and rental)
28.5 The customer must respect and accept the indications, explanations, decisions and the correct use of the material that the staff will give when the course starts. If these terms are not respected by the customer, Canarie Surf Acadamy can request reimbursement for the loss or breakage of the aforementioned payment for adequate value or if the person is a problem for the security of the same and of the group can be removed
28.6 The customer must follow the orders and instructions of the school instructors. In case of irresponsible behavior, such as risks to the physical integrity or the image of other clients or the school, the client can be excluded from the lessons after notification. In this case the course price will not be returned.
28.7 The customer is informed and updated of the weather conditions and difficulties. The school is not responsible for the circumstances caused by the weather and no refund will be made due to weather conditions, or see point 3 and 26
28.8 In case of participation in one of the courses for a child under the age of 18, an authorization (registration form) signed by the parent / guardian is required. Minimum age recommended by 6-year, having good water confidence, know how to swim.
28.9 The school undertakes to comply with the law on privacy. The registration, photos and declared data will be used exclusively by the school. The customer assumes all responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of the data provided.
28.10 The school is covered by the RC insurance and sports insurance.
29. Brochures, Flyers and website accuracy.
Brochures and websites Surf School Surf Academy Canary disclaims any liability for any errors or omissions contained, or any minor discrepancy between the contents of the brochure or websites and the service. The prices printed on the site are valid at the time of publication. Canary Surf Academy reserves the right to increase or decrease any of these prices at any time after publication. Any changes will be clarified at the time of booking.